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Shenzhen Newstar Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is leading rental led display, video wall, led screen, sports led display, led curtain, led mesh, led billboards, led sign, led mesh, led display manufacturer and supplier in China. We're always dedicated to provide you the latest led display and led screen solution.



Video clips here help you learn about our rental led display, indoor led display, outdoor led display, sports led display, high definition led display. And

led display production processing, quality control, how to set up program for led display. (For clearer videos, welcome to contact with our sales service team.)


(1) Rental led display video


(2) Front service led display video(3) High definition led display video


(4) Outdoor fixed led display video


(5) Indoor fixed led display video(6) LED Mesh & LED Curtain video


(7) Flexible led display video


(8) Perimeter led display video(9) LED Display Production quality control