2015 LDI News

2015 LDI News

Date:Oct 29, 2015

LDI 15 was already round off ! Newstar showed its indoor and outdoor stage rental led display

P3.91 and P4.81 LED display to clients successfully. On site with four big signs:

Indoor P3.91 led display: ( 5m x 3m ) 2 pcs

Outdoor P4.81 led display: ( 6m x 3m ) 1 pcs

Indoor P3.91 led display: ( 6m x 3m ) 1 pcs

With approximately contrast ratio: 4:3 and 16:9, high definition picture showing to clients. Also clients can have an self-experience on material, processing,installation and dismantling on show site

As a gift returning to clients, Newstar launched an hot sale promotion on show site offering 10% discount on the unit price and double times spare parts. ( Date from: 23th, October to 10, Nov 2015)


Let’s date in 2016 LDI !

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