2016 LED Display Market Opportunities

2016 LED Display Market Opportunities

Date:Sep 19, 2016

1.Small pixel pitch market

Compared to traditional led display, small spacing display of technical, production and research capabilities have higher requirements & threshold. Currently involved in a small pitch business enterprises, more than some stronger overall strength of large companies, especially listed companies the most prominent. Small pitch led display are widely used for television studio,public security monitoring center, conference rooms, military command centers.

2. Rental market

Application was most of stage background, party etc. It can be on-site live and replay, breaking the seat restrictions, so far away from the stage the audience can clearly see the performance on the stage, creating a momentum magnificent, highly infectious atmosphere, combined with high-quality sound, giving a perfect visual feast. The main application areas have evening concert, event, theater theater, television, and other high-end entertainment.

3.Outdoor media market

led screen with its unique advantages has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, light boxes etc,it has become a new force in the media industry. In recent years, with the approval of more stringent advertising screen position, first-line market in overall control, vicious price competition, declining profit margins and other operating income into account paragraph situation is getting worse. led display outdoor media companies want to maintain the inherent advantages of live market and further development, not only have a unique and innovative, but also to strengthen the standardization of products to address the needs of universal application, or close to the market segment of customer application needs, create competitive differentiation. Led display advertising media application areas there are major building buildings, landmark buildings, busy streets, railway stations airport, shopping mall, Plaza Park communities.

4.Indoor display market

With the rapid penetration of the Internet element in the retail industry, the retail industry information needs of users in the rapid increase, more and more people are beginning to realize the aid led display store merchandise and brand display, interactive consumer experience and large data analysis. Currently, the market is basically saturated tier cities, second and third tier cities have a certain market, fierce price competition. LED indoor display screen is secured to the main application areas in retail stores, supermarkets, large media companies, movie theaters.

In the future, as China's economy continues to grow, the demand for increasing the external display propaganda, led display industry will be more demand, higher resolution, more realistic colors. led display industry will certainly be better, China's electronic display industry will continue to move toward the world.

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