Amazing Screen Exhibition In Shanghai 2016

Amazing Screen Exhibition In Shanghai 2016

Date:Oct 10, 2016

LED CHINA is the world's largest event dedicated to the entire LED industry supply chain and an one-stop platform to see finished LED products and components from LED lighting, displays, chips, packaging, materials, illuminates, manufacturing equipment, and testing instruments.

After each quarter of the successful exhibition, Newstar exhibition just like a expected holiday for lots of professional buyers, distributor, and end user who from more than 150 countries and regions.

Each exhibition , Newstar is pleasure to share new technologies and good ideas about LED industry to visitor, try to help them to create a suitable design and viable solution. Also we are pleasure to help and support old clients to deal with some difficult after-sale service.


Newstar is will to provide visitors not only multiple business and trade opportunities but invaluable insights into the LED industry worldwide, in order to make win-win situation.

This time in LED CHINA 2016. Newstar show 6 kind new finished products.

● P4.81mm ,500mmx1000mm, outdoor usage Cabinets 60pcs,Radian is adjustable to become curved


● P3.91mm, 500mmx500mm, indoor usage Cabinets 122pcs,Have a window on backside Display    working parameter.


● Lamp post screen, P4.81mm ,750mmx1500mm x100mm,3pcs.front maintenance module ,


● Ground stand advertising screen, P4.81mm ,2000mm*1250mm*600mm,1 pcs front maintenance   module, opening the glass cover from front side is viable.

The smallest seam between the modules, high brightness, high definition, good heat dispersion, without Single bright line, easily moved portable design, Newstar production working well and get good great on display exhibition performance.

See you on next amazing exhibition LDI 2016,on 21-23 October 2016,Booth #1831, Central Hall 3-5,in Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas, NV.

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