CCTV Will Use New Studio With HD LED Display

CCTV Will Use New Studio With HD LED Display

Date:Aug 17, 2015

The famous American business magazine “Fast Company” recently interviewed studio designer Jim Fenhagen, as a famous American studio design expert, he had participated the Interior Design of THE COLBERT REPORT, THE DAILY SHOW, MARTHA STEWART and other well-known programs. Recently, he designed the new CCTV (China Central Television) studio, this studio will be operated the spring of 2014, may be firstly applied to the CCTV evening news in nine o’clock.

According to Jim Fenhagen revealed that this new studio will adopt the latest, ultra- high-resolution LED technology, it is learned that the screen is only 2.9 mm pixel pitch, whereas before, the highest pixel resolution is 4 mm, which becomes the biggest highlight of the entire studio, also means that the CCTV studio LED display will reach an unprecedented clarity.

Jim Fenhagen said that although expensive, the U.S. news studio technology has not yet reached this level, the CCTV studio will be America’s future design direction.

In addition, the studio will also be a half-opened office, when watching CCTV news, the audience is able to see the newsroom which may accommodate 75 people by through the glass wall.

John Amos Comenius Optronics Poland Warsaw's latest project

With 7 years continuous effort , the footstep of Newstar LED Display goes through the earth, as the most reliable LED screen partner, we always obey the marketing philosophy that customer is the god, offer them 100%satisfaction service.

Recently Newstar has provided a LED screen solution for customer in Poland, brightened the cosmetic shoppe, and make the shop more colorful and charming, here let's go and see the attractive LED display of Newstar.

Indoor P4 LED display for shopping mall in Poland Warsaw
Pixel pitch: P4
Module size: 128mm *128mm
Each Screen Size: W1.152m * H2.944m ( Width- 9pcs, Height- 23pcs)
Total: 4 Screens

In addition , our engineers went Poland for on site installation, help to install and correct the screens, as well as the other technology problems, the finished display performs very good, the frame is really clear and bright-colored, it is high definition when plays picture and video, our customer is very satisfied and about the display and us .

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