Correct Maintenance Service Can Make Your LED Screen To Work Better

Correct Maintenance Service Can Make Your LED Screen To Work Better

Date:Mar 21, 2016

2 years warranty after-sale services can be supply by Newstar-LED factory. And It is important for user to pay more attention to the LED screen running state, and know the right ways about how to do maintenance service with LED display when it is broken.    


Here are some referenced ways about how to make maintenance the LED display .


1. Keeping power supply be stable and touch ground always.


2. we should cut off the power supply promptly when it is lightning, strong typhoons and other weather disasters. when the weather become normal, turn on the LED Sreen power supply.


3.  Keeping dry working environment, any moisture things shouldn't put into the cabinets .If not, accessories will be corrosion and permanent damage will be coming soon. No water in the internal screen, combustible material and easy conductive metal should be keep dry, in order to prevent short circuit and fire accident.


4. if water get into the cabinets, please cut off the power supply and contact with the professional LED screen engineer immediately , it can be restart after the screen inside body is dry.


5. Correct switch sequence of LED display. Switch on: at first, turning on the computer,and turn on the LED display next .Shut down: Turning off the LED screen, and then shut down the computer.


6. After a long working time, screen need to be cleaned, to prevent dust long time parcel surface to influence the watching effect. LED display surface cann’t use wet cloth to wipe directly, but it can use alcohol to wipe, or use the brush, vacuum cleaner to clean the dust.When you clean the screen ,anction should be gently with the wipe as much as possible,to control the injury possibility to the LED display body .


7. In the rainy season ,the LED screen should be turned off and stop working for a rest one time per week. Also screen should be used and lighting on more than 2 hours every month.


8. Checking the steel structure stability of outdoor LED display regularly and make sure the safety of power supply cable, it should be repair up promptly when it is damaged.


9. Don't cut off the power supply frequently,preventing the impact of surge current. Avoid excessive current, power line heating is too big load rate, LED pipe core will be damage , and thent the life span wll be short . Not allowed to disassemble and splice screen!


10. Control system,including sending box, power distribution cabinet,computer and other related equipment should be placed in the safety room which with air conditioner and little dust, ensure the control system can be ventilation and working well.


11. The internal wire should  be overhauled by the professional person.


12. We should check the cooling down equipment in advance especially when summer is coming every year,such as air conditioner, fan and etc, in order to ensure the display can be used in the appropriate working environment whith suitable temperature.


If you have any question about LED screen, please feel free to let us know, we newstar-led engineer team are pleasure to help and support.


Thank you for your time.


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