Current Status And Development Trend Of LED Display Industry In China

Current Status And Development Trend Of LED Display Industry In China

Date:Nov 21, 2016

LED display is the late eighties in the world quickly developed a new type of information display media, which uses light-emitting diodes constitute the dot matrix module or pixel unit in the area of the display screen to high reliability, long life, Environmental adaptability, high price performance, the use of low-cost characteristics in a short period of ten years, the rapid growth of flat-panel display of the flagship product in the field of information display has been widely used. Such as securities trading, financial information display; airport flight dynamic information display; port and station passenger guide information display; sports venues information display; road traffic information display; dispatching command center information display; postal services, telecommunications, shopping malls and other service areas Publicity and information display; advertising media and other new products, these areas can be found in the LED display.

With the wide application of LED display, LED display has put forward higher requirements - small pixel pitch LED screen. High-density small-pitch LED display is an important emerging market in the industry, is also one of the products with high profit margins. Small pitch LED can be used indoors, the resolution has been greatly improved.

Outdoor display and indoor display Because of its different application environments, the requirements of the display are quite different, in which the resolution, that is, pixel pitch is an important factor. For the LED display is concerned, each self-luminous packaging device - lamps, is a pixel, so the distance between the two lamps determine the LED display resolution in the unit area. The general industry will be the distance between the lamps to indicate the product model, such as the P10 product that screen body distance between the two lamps is 10mm. As the outdoor space is large, the audience's viewing distance is generally far, and the human eye has a certain limit of resolution, so long-distance viewing, even if the LED display is far, can meet the requirements. And because the interior space is limited, the viewing distance is generally smaller than the outdoor, so the need for a smaller pitch pixel to meet the user's resolution requirements, otherwise it will affect the viewing effect.

In the future, with the continuous development of chinese economy, external display of the growing demand for publicity, LED display industry will put forward more requirements, higher resolution, more vivid colors. LED display industry will vying for further progress, chinese electronic display industry will move toward the world's first.

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