Czech's Biggest LED Screen Finished By Newstar LED

Czech's Biggest LED Screen Finished By Newstar LED

Date:Aug 17, 2015

Czech's biggest LED screen finished by Newstar LED

The biggest outdoor LED screen wall – super colorful LED screen wall in Czech is switched on, and will offer biggest platform for advertisement.

The screen wall has a width of 15.36 meters and a height of 8.64 meters, and covers a total area of 132.7 square meters. It can be seen at a distance of over 5 miles and is the biggest LED screen wall display in Czech.

The screen wall is Mostly used for advertising, customer already get several Ads before the installation, it proves that It is really very good location for impressive advertisement. It is also connected with video processor, which makes it can show live TV program or football match to peoples in the square, enrich entertainment for events and activities.

Newstar also sent out engineer to help client installation and offer some necessary technical support. The client is satisfied with the support and impressed by our engineers' hard work.

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