How To Install And Debug Outdoor Outdoor LED Advertising Screen

How To Install And Debug Outdoor Outdoor LED Advertising Screen

Date:Mar 18, 2017

For outdoor billboards used well, installation and debugging links essential for technical construction personnel, to understand the outdoor structures, maintaining the advertising screen technology will effectively promote the business advertising, the dissemination of information, but also technical construction personnel must be familiar , Specifically, outdoor billboard LED electronic display installation has four links: field survey, equipment structures, installation, commissioning use.

First of all, we have to conduct on-site investigation according to the actual situation

Specifically, outdoor LED display should be specific to the environment, topography before installation, luminous radiation range, brightness acceptance parameters of the new uniform test, The command staff to carry out a unified lifting program implementation, to ensure the normal and stable use of the device. Different situations different treatment, in order to take a more appropriate way.

Secondly, according to the field survey to determine the specific program, we will carry out LED equipment to build.

For some outdoor LED billboard structures, to distinguish between the treatment of wall advertising screen, hanging type advertising screen and roof type advertising screen. The actual installation, should be based on the distance from the height of crane hoist with sub-hoisting, while ensuring the above personnel with each other, for high-altitude operation of the LED advertising screen, a better installation and use process. Construction process, safety and refinement operation is the first requirement.Once again, the construction is completed, in order to achieve the best effect of the spread, we have to carry out the scope of emission
As the radiation range is different, LED display view is not the same, according to the field to accept the ability and the scope of our usual view of the outdoor LED display fixed installation work to ensure that every angle from afar, you can see the normal brightness Balanced image, subtitle information, large viewing angle and the appropriate brightness with, in order to maximize the benefits.


Finally, in order to successfully deliver, we have to follow-up inspection and maintenance.

The following tests, including numerous areas, such as LED display waterproof, heat dissipation layer, LED indicates that the waterproof coating, display screen above the rain range, both sides of the cooling air, power supply lines, etc., these basic components constitute the entire stability of the product good graphic LED display. Of course, the latter part of technical maintenance is also very important, we have to deal with these parts for a unified management and maintenance, product rust, instability, damage, the need for timely replacement to ensure the safe use of the entire display.

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