Innovation Is Leading In LED Display

Innovation Is Leading In LED Display

Date:Sep 03, 2016

According to the forecast 2016 growth of about 18.6%, 25.3% growth in 2017, growth in 2018 was 27.3%, 18.59% growth in 2019, an increase of about 17.3% in 2020, the overall growth perspective, in 2020 to reach about 45 million CAGR is probably around 27.7%. From the data, a small pitch LED display industry also maintained upward momentum of development.


Merger is a expedient

Throughout the development of LED display industry, we find that the early development of the industry momentum is very fierce, fierce but not normal. Core technology can not keep up, the chip can not be self-sufficient, many companies do LED assembly, to the late development of enterprise-scale mixed. LED brand from the enterprise point of view, Riyadh, Chau Ming, joint construction that several very large proportion of total, while other companies market capacity is small, this way, small businesses are less competitive large enterprise mergers the trend is inevitable. It is nearly two years, and even extended to the reason in the LED display industry mergers and acquisitions frequently occur this year's event; but such frequent merge

and acquisitions and the development of LED industry no harm. Perhaps the "survival of the fittest" is the market economy inevitable.

For some small businesses, they will stimulate innovation and development. For example a small pitch LED display to overcome the "highlight low ash" through innovation to develop. But just a merger expedient enterprises atop LED display technology and industry competition is very intense, if they do not research and development, innovation, it can not occupy the leading position in the competition.

The difficulty lies in the domestic market, the core technology has been slow

Today, the face of the industry status quo, many LED companies began to layout the overseas market. As we all know, China's relatively cheap labor force, there is a high level in the LED application machine production technology, product manufacturing can be completed within a short time, this is our advantage, the question is how we go out, which requires enterprises to open up some new LED way. In addition, LED large number of export enterprises does not mean that the domestic market is becoming saturated, in fact, the domestic market is still new areas can be developed, and we are organizing this regard innovation.


At present, the difficulty lies in the LED business in the domestic market growth rate is very slow core technology products, such as LED chip, the core technology is built on the basis of other people, the risk of such assembly industry is relatively large, the cost is relatively high. But a long time, China's LED business mostly start from the beginning of the assembly, although quickly occupied the market, but the core technology was inadequate attention, and this is our country, why do you always say "big but not strong", in fact, the underlying causes is that we eager to make money, do not put more energy into the core technology research and development above. If we can grasp the core of the device, I believe that our costs will be low, thus effectively drive the industry forward.





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