LED Display Will Lead Outdoor Media Market To A New Image

LED Display Will Lead Outdoor Media Market To A New Image

Date:May 16, 2017

LED display will lead outdoor media market to a new image 

     As outdoor media market, the sudden emergence of the LED display, with packaging technology, as well as the continuous breakthrough in pitch technology, the current LED display has become more and more frequent in our field of vision, its high brightness, wide viewing angle, screen area and other characteristics, has gradually replaced the traditional advertising information that presented a single billboards, light boxes etc. As outdoor advertising media has a much-anticipated new force. 

      Products show a clear trend from the first-tier cities to the second and third tier cities, widely used in the bustling streets, stations, shopping malls, landmarks, activities and other centers. It is worth noting that in 2016, the small pitch market presents a hot scene, and its outdoor application trend is obvious, with the new light pole screen, for example, through lighting, Internet, screen monitoring, information release and other systems technology, Constitute the wisdom of street lighting system, a smart city construction in the media attention focus, it is conceivable that, with the wisdom of traffic system construction, we will see set advertising, major emergencies, travel information and other information released by the light pole system to the city residents to bring great convenience, caused by foreign media revolution, the market space is huge

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