LED Screen Diversification Application Market Prospects

LED Screen Diversification Application Market Prospects

Date:Jun 22, 2017

LED display performance continues to improve, its use in life will become more common.

With the progress of technology, LED display can be applied to a more extensive field. In recent years, small-pitch products bring us a more high-definition experience, also promote the LED display into the field of large-screen applications; this year, a large number of successful glass screen production applications in high-margin advertising and other areas ; And special-shaped screen, flexible screen and other screen appears, but also further broke the LED display shape restrictions, so that the possibility of diversification of applications greatly improved.

Technology researchers said that the emphasis on style, taste of some brands, but also the LED display technology and other technologies used in their own products, publicity and shops among the "black technology" posture, highlight the brand's sense of science and technology, fashion and Unique charm. At the same time, they also LED display into the people's lives, to promote the LED display a wide range of applications.

Of course, LED display in the daily life of the application, far more than highlight the personality and charm, people are trying to use its practical features, rich life. As a hospital in order to meet the children love to play the nature of the projection and LED display will be combined to create a side of the LED curtain wall, the children can touch to change the wall display. At the same time, interactive content includes natural, scientific and other content, so that children learn virtually in the knowledge. In addition, a brand released smart bracelet, also used the LED display. Compared to the traditional screen, almost no border LED display not only "value" higher, its high degree of protection and more waterproof, durable, as intelligent wear device is also very appropriate.

Technology researchers said that through the LED display industry development process, after more than 10 years of technological innovation, has derived a lot of new products, such as the recent hot small-distance LED display, transparent screen, shaped screen, and light Screen, flexible screen and so on. These products, in addition to small-pitch products for technical upgrades, the rest mostly morphological changes, such changes for the wider display of LED display is also very favorable.

But at the same time, this phenomenon also reflects the fact that there are few, more urgent and more pressing technological innovations that rarely occur. Such as optimizing the installation process, solve the heat problem, simplify the user operation, reduce the discomfort caused by prolonged viewing, etc., such as product manufacturing, stability, user experience and other aspects of technology to enhance the process is still slow.

Technology researchers said that the current situation, LED display in the infiltration of life is still a small amount of small, even in the use of daily necessities, it is a small area, showing a single effect. However, with the smart home, intelligent display demand development driven, and LED display performance continues to improve, its use in life will become more common.

No one product from the birth is perfect, LED display is the same. The original LED display can only be repaired in the way of repair, and now the individual manufacturers to do some innovative products to adjust to produce the front can maintain the LED display, not only to expand the LED display applications, but also to achieve the product Differentiation, improve the competitiveness of products. Similarly, some companies ingenuity, research and development to produce energy-saving effect of the LED display, can reduce power consumption, cost savings for users, has become a major highlight of the product. In addition, there are some enterprises, the use of high heat performance of raw materials manufacturing LED display, the product can save the cooling parts, and reduce the product overheating and the failure of the problem, greatly improving the product market competitiveness.

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