LED Screen Municipal Application

LED Screen Municipal Application

Date:Aug 17, 2015

It is widely used on power scheduling, transport scheduling, Space surveillance, security monitoring and control field etc. The high resolution display used on dispatching system is mainly to amplify the monitoring of image information, realize the aim of on time monitoring and dispatching. Many station's strip display and double color display which shows the ticket information and in and out of station information, also is a way to show information dispatch.

Full color LED Display wall is the LED Display technology into the field of outdoor decorative lighting, new products, which working principle is driven and controlled by two parts, with small LED lights as a light-emitting LED Display unit square, the square LED lights through multiple pixel elements according to certain The formation of a matrix of LED screen or LED advertising billboards, plus video controller and computer connections, constitute. LED Display is a kind of energy into visible light to the semiconductor, the benefits of using LED display as:

a. high efficiency, small energy consumption.

b. light quality is good, because there is no ultraviolet and infrared spectra, there is no heat, no radiation, light of LED Display source is typically green lighting.

c. long life, luminous flux decay to 50% of the nominal life of 10 million hours.

d. safe. Single voltage between roughly 1.5V ~ 5V, 20mA operating current at about.

e. green. Recyclable waste, no pollution; unlike fluorescent lamps contain mercury components.

f. flexible control, the current can be adjusted by adjusting the light, the combination of different color light color, with timing control circuit to achieve a variety of dynamic variation.

These advantages make the LED Display is considered to be an ideal green light, have been increasingly successful in lighting and display applications in the field of engineering. Ability in the performance of LED Display colors, lighting control, environmental protection and energy saving areas, than traditional neon lights, incandescent, halogen and other obvious advantages. LED Display pixels can be combined to form a dynamic ever-changing visual effects.

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