National Roadside P10 Outdoor Advertising LED Screen In Romania

National Roadside P10 Outdoor Advertising LED Screen In Romania

Date:Aug 17, 2015

National Roadside P10 outdoor advertising LED screen in Romania

Newstar installed the outdoor P10 advertising LED Display screen in Romania recently. With fixed installation, standard waterproof cabinet, owns 7000CD/m2 brightness, high refresh rate gives people real-world visual enjoy.

The screen is installed beside the national road, it is estimate that the flow of cars passing within the visibility zone of the outdoor advertising LED screen displays amounts to fifteen thousand per week. It is really very good location for impressive advertisement.

The customer bought the LED screen from other companies before, but the screens always have problems and the factories didn't give any after sales support, so customer looking for new supplier, at the beginning, customer compared the couples of led display supplier from the quality, attitude before, on and after-sale and details of processing, finally, P10mm outdoor led display was installed by Newstar.

After the installation finished, customer is very satisfied with the LED screen and our service "I want to be very honestly with you, and to send you all congratulation about quality and professional work. I am very happy to have chance to work with you, because together with your quality company I have real change to prepare professional projects".

Thanks for all customers appreciating our products quality and service. If you have any inquiry, tell us your requirements, Newstar would provide best solution and let you enjoy the profession.

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