Professional Gymnasium Led Display And Sports Led Displays Solution

Professional Gymnasium Led Display And Sports Led Displays Solution

Date:Dec 20, 2015

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Shenzhen Newstar is professional leading sports led display, gymnasium led display, stadium led display, perimeter led display manufacturer in China, and dedicated to provide the latest sports led display solutions to his clients.


Our sport display is high brightness and great stability. The LED display is suitable for live broadcasting, supports slow motion playback and can show scores and advertising. Manufactured using advanced technology and our extensive experience, our sports LED display is high quality and CE, RoHs compliant. Our display comes in a wide range of models.

About Sports LED Displays


Technical solution for sports LED display of Shenzhen Newstar Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd

1. High-quality Components

LED lamps: High-brightness and antistatic LED lamps with wide viewing range and antistatic ability of 2000V.
Driving IC: Constant current LED driving ICs with current gain control; the light decay can be controlled to maintain a stable brightness.
Connectors: Aircraft-grade reliable connectors, ensuring stable power supply and data transmission.
Video processor: Professional video professor for center hung display, supporting various video signals such as AV, S-Video, RGB, YPBPR, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, etc.



2. Advanced Control Technology

High refresh rate: Refresh rate up to 3000 Hz, guaranteeing flicker-free pictures on the screen.
High brightness: More than 7000cd/㎡, promoting vision effect.
Real-time broadcast: High refresh rate, high brightness and wide viewing angle delivering high quality images for broadcast via professional video processor or video server.
Calibration: Adopting Pixel-by-pixel brightness and color calibration technique to keep uniform brightness and natural colors of LED display.
Double backup system: When one control system falls into malfunction, the other one will back up and start work immediately.
Management software: Using special software to provide best advertising management solution for customers.


3. Effective Solution

Easy installation and maintenance: Lightweight aluminum cabinets, easy to transport; interlock connection between cabinets, convenient to assemble and disassemble;
easy to maintain the module and power supply box on-site without shutting down the whole system.Impact resistance: The soft mask of the cabinets absorbs the impact
from balls or players. The top protective hat on the cabinet uses soft material to protect the players from injury and the cabinet itself.

Adjustable inclination angle: The supporting stand behind the cabinets can be adjusted to adapt to different inclination angles (75°~ 90°) and camera shooting angles.
Synchronous signals: Using optical fiber for data transmission without signal delay, ensuring synchronous displaying pictures.

Energy saving: Adopting the techniques of LED lamps with low driving current, adjustable brightness, efficient power supply with PFC, less heat dissipation, appropriate power
distribution from control system. Protection: IP65 standard cabinets (fully water proof) for outdoor and semi-outdoor use.


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