Rental LED Display- Apollo

Rental LED Display- Apollo

Date:Dec 17, 2015

Newstar Apollo P6 Outdoor Rental LED Display


Quick details:


Model : AS6                                   Pixel Pitch: 6mm


Pixel Density: 27777 pixel/㎡         Panel: 576*576 mm


Panel Resolution: 96*96 dots        Panel weight: 13Kg


Refresh rate: 1920Hz                    Configuration: SMD3535


Brightness: 7000 cd//㎡                 Viewing Angle: H:140°,V:140°


IP rating: IP65                                Power consumption: 300W/Panel




Structure of Outdoor Rental P6 LED Display







Installation of Apollo outdoor rental led display


How to install led display, led screen? It may a frequent query for users after purchasing led display. Here we get your problem out, taking the leasing/rental die-casting led display as an example: Newstar's Apollo Indoor LED Display


1. Hanging Beam ( The main processing component )



2.Quick install clip component


Step1: Connect the first row cabinets and hanging beam with quick install clip


Step2: When install the second row cabinets, fix the install plate for every each four cabinets as this way by 4 screws:



Step3: Fix the power cable and signal cable:



Step4: Fix all of the cables as following way:



Remark: Red line is power cable, blue line is data cable.


Step5: Then the LED display will be like that (the picture is 10*7 cabinets as an example):



For More installation of rental led display, please contact us on line. Also welcome to Shenzhen Newstar Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd for LED Display training.

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