P16 LED Display

DIP Outdoor fixed P16 LED Display is an high cost perfermance LED Display for outdoor media, with unique advantages such as: wide viewing angle, high definition and good color uniformity. Welcome to learn more about Outdoor waterproof DIP P16 LED Display screen by contact with Newstar LED

Product Details

P16 LED Display

Shenzhen Newstar Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is leading P16 led displays, led screen, led video wall manufacturer in China, and always dedicated to provide high quality led display and solutions to the clients. Newstar's P16 led display is widely used at road side advertising, shopping mall outdoor advertising, Stadium, etc and can reach at 7500 cd/sqm and even higher.


What is the advantages of Newstar's P16 led display ?

As we all know outdoor led display such as P10, P16, P20 led display will require higher brightness such as 6500 cd/sqm, 7500 cd/sqm and even higher reaching at 8000~9000 cd/sqm. Newstar can do it for you to meet the using environment.

1. In Newstar's outdoor LED Displays solutions, high refresh rate, high brightness standard are the core technology .

2. And virtual pixel solution is also can help to acheive high brightness. Newstar will offer you this solution according to your actual requirement on the brightness of outdoor advertising projects.


Cabinet Structure advantages

Shenzhen Newstar Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd P16 outdoor led display cabinet formed of Iron material which had been heat treated, covered with antiseptic protection film which help to acheive longer lifespan and good salty resistance. Also cabinet with high hardness, excellent wind and vibration resistance function which can be against Hurricane of Force 12. And size of outdoor led display cabinet can be customized according to actual prefer.




Meet harsh working Environment Request

Newstar's outdoor P16 led display with Low and High temperature solutions enable clients to install led displays in different environment, Such in Russia, North America, West Europe, outdoor led displays, led screens will require stable working ability of low temperature environment, temperature usually comes to 20~40 degree centigrate under Zero in winter days. So no high quality power will not support restart and stable supply. However in South America, Saudi, Mid-east countries where with saturated and strong sunlight will require high temperature power supply, obivous it is a high standard.Newstar's outdoor solutions will less your worries on these cases.




Control System & Equipment




Outdoor DIP Series -Parameters
     Model     NS-OR-DD-P10     NS-OR-DD-P12     NS-OR-DD-P16     NS-OR-DD-P20
     Pixel Pitch     10 mm     12 mm     16 mm     20 mm
     LED Type     DIP346     DIP346     DIP346     DIP346
     Configuration     1R1G1B     1R1G1B     1R1G1B     1R1G1B
     Module Size     160*160 mm     192*192 mm     256*256 mm     320*160 mm
     Pixel Density     10000 pixel/     6944 pixel/     3906 pixel/     2500 pixel/
     Refresh Rate     ≥ 1920Hz     ≥ 1920Hz     ≥ 1920Hz     ≥ 1920Hz
     Gray Scale     16 Bit     16 Bit     16 Bit     16 Bit
     Brightness     ≥ 7000 cd/     ≥ 6500 cd/     ≥ 8000 cd/     ≥ 6500 cd/
     Scan Way     1/4     1/4     Static State     Static State
     Frame Rate     50HZ~60HZ     50HZ~60HZ     50HZ~60HZ     50HZ~60HZ
     Viewing Angle     H:110°, V:55°     H:110°, V:55°     H:110°, V:55°     H:110°, V:55°
     Cabinet Resolution     96*96 Dots     80*64 Dots     64*64 Dots     64*48 Dots
     Material     Iron     Iron     Iron     Iron
     Cabinet Size     960*960*145mm     960*768*145mm     1024*1024*145mm     1280*960*145mm
     Cabinet Weight     50Kg     40Kg     55Kg     60Kg
     IP Rating     Front IP65, Rear IP54     Front IP65, Rear IP54     Front IP65, Rear IP54     Front IP65, Rear IP54
     Max.Power Consumption     600W/Panel     330W/Panel     590W/Panel     610W/Panel
     Avg.Power Consumption     200W/Panel     110W/Panel     195W/Panel     205W/Panel
     Control System     Nova/Linsn/Dbstar     Nova/Linsn/Dbstar     Nova/Linsn/Dbstar     Nova/Linsn/Dbstar
     Operation System     Windows/me/200NT/XP     Windows/me/200NT/XP     Windows/me/200NT/XP     Windows/me/200NT/XP
     Working-Temperature     '-20~60     '-20~60     '-20~60     '-20~60
     Working Humidity     10%~90% RH     10%~90% RH     10%~90% RH     10%~90% RH
     Input Voltage     AC 110~220 V (±5%     AC 110~220 V (±5%     AC 110~220 V (±5%     AC 110~220 V (±5%
     Blind spot rate     ≤0.01%     ≤0.01%     ≤0.01%     ≤0.01%
     MTBF     35000 Hour     35000 Hour     35000 Hour     35000 Hour
     Lifespan     100000 Hour     100000 Hour     100000 Hour     100000 Hour
     Certification     CCC,CE,RosH,ETL     CCC,CE,RosH,ETL     CCC,CE,RosH,ETL     CCC,CE,RosH,ETL